How we invest

The multi-asset funds combine investments across asset classes. We aim to add value by actively adjusting the weightings between asset sectors, and also by investing in a range of carefully selected, quality investments within each asset sector to enhance returns above the relevant market indices for each sector.

Aberdeen Standard Investments believes that superior risk adjusted returns can be achieved from multi-asset investing. Over the longer term all asset classes are driven by economic fundamentals; by identifying inefficiencies in valuations between markets (which occur over both short and longer time periods) value can be added to clients’ portfolios through dynamic allocations to different assets and markets. 

We hold absolute returns to be more important over the longer term than those relative to a benchmark or index and we are comfortable taking decisive positions away from a benchmark.

This philosophy extends to asset classes themselves, where we do not equate risk with divergence from the benchmark, but with the absolute notion of investing in a poor quality security or fund. This multi-asset investment process is underpinned by our convictions from proprietary analysis and comparative research at a global level.