Charitable activities

We encourage our employees to volunteer and fundraise for charitable projects and all permanent staff are given two days volunteer leave per annum. Staff are also able to apply for the equivalent of 100GBP match funding for all donations they raise. 

The Aberdeen Charitable Foundation plays a key role in each region that our employees live and work and many of the grants donated to support local communities provide volunteering experiences for our staff.

In 2016, Aberdeen Australia allocated its annual Foundation funding to support the following programmes:




Aberdeen is helping to fund a program that targets young people who are at risk of disengaging from education, and of disconnecting from family and community. Whitelion helps young people find the courage to seek a better future and aims to break the cycle of substance abuse, criminal activity and incarceration by providing young people at risk with opportunities to make links and build relationships with the community with education and employment opportunities.


Aspect Schools


Aberdeen's commitment provides for the fit-out of 2 classrooms at the new Aspect Treetops School in Adelaide. The school offer a unique program with autism specific therapy being offered alongside the normal school curriculum. Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia's largest service provider for people on the autism spectrum.


Mummy's wish


Under this program Aberdeen provides support for Mum's Toolkit and Pathway Planner, which gives mothers who have recently been diagnosed with cancer a range of practical support items that help them to effectively navigate the day to day practicalities of cancer treatment and offers items of comfort to them and their families. Mummy's wish supports Australian families with children ages 12 years and under through the provision of practical, immediate and non-means tested support whilst Mum is receiving treatment for cancer.