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Fixed Income Funds

Aberdeen’s fixed income process has been in place for more than 20 years. It is based on four key beliefs:

  • We believe team-based decisions have distinct advantages over decisions made by individuals, by drawing on the diverse, complementary skills of the members.
  • We strongly believe in our independent, fundamental research, which is essential for active managers to exploit market inefficiencies.
  • We focus on longer-term cyclical and structural investment themes to uncover outperformance opportunities; we are investors and not traders.
  • Our risk management ethos is entrenched in our investment process, our team structure, our diversified strategies and our investment horizon.
Fixed Income Investment Process

Please click on the Fund names below for more information.

Effective Date Fund Name NAV Price(AU$) Application Price (AS$) Redemption Price(AS$) mFund
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Australian Fixed Income Fund1.18651.18651.1853 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Australian Floating Rate Income Fund1.19251.19251.1919 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Diversified Fixed Income Fund1.01721.01771.0157 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Global Government Bond Fund1.24441.24441.2432 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Fund*1.10161.10271.0994 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Income-Focused Bond Fund1.07071.07071.0702 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Inflation Linked Bond Fund1.05091.05141.0493 
18-Dec-14Aberdeen Total Return Fixed Income Fund0.99430.99480.9933 

Please note, all prices are Ex Distribution.

* The Fund paid a special distribution on 13 November 2014.