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Andrew McMenigall and Toby Wallace

A statement from us at Aberdeen.



Fixed Income Funds

Aberdeen's fixed income process has been in place for 20 years. It is based on four key beliefs:

  • Markets are inefficient due to different market participants with varying time-frames, motivations and imperfect information.
  • A strong risk framework is required for sustainable alpha generation.
  • A focus on longer term cyclical and structural investment themes is important to uncover alpha opportunities.
  • Diversified sources of added value improve a portfolio’s risk-return profile.
Fixed Income Investment Process

Please click on the Fund names below for more information.

Effective Date Fund Name NAV Price(AU$) Application Price (AS$) Redemption Price(AS$)
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Australian Fixed Income Fund1.14641.14641.1453
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Australian Floating Rate Income Fund1.19431.19431.1937
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Diversified Fixed Income Fund1.02681.02731.0253
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Global Government Bond Fund1.23861.23861.2374
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Fund1.11891.12001.1167
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Income-Focused Bond Fund1.05231.05231.0518
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Inflation Linked Bond Fund1.03051.03101.0290
16-Apr-14Aberdeen Total Return Fixed Income Fund1.02051.02101.0195

Please note, all prices are Ex Distribution.