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Key Facts

Fund type

Unit Trust

Date of Launch

March 2001

Base Currency


Authorised for Sale



Australian Equity Team

Volatility/risk level

Very High

Suggested investment time frame

Long term - 5 years plus

Minimum investment

AUD $20,000

Entry / Exit Fee

No entry fee, however transaction costs (ie. Buy spread) applies. / No exit fee, however transaction costs (ie. Sell spread) applies.

Management fee

1.26% p.a. (capped), of the net asset value of the Fund

Buy/Sell Spread %


Distribution frequency

Half Yearly


095 866 872




Aberdeen Australian Small Companies Fund

The Fund is a high conviction actively managed Australian and New Zealand equity portfolio built using a bottom-up approach with little reference to a benchmark. Utilising Aberdeen’s proven equity investment philosophy and approach, that is replicated and consistent across all equity investment desks, we seek to identify quality companies trading at reasonable valuations through our own first hand research.


This Fund is available on mFund – a way to access unlisted managed funds via the ASX

ASX mFund code AFZ20



To outperform the benchmark, the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index, after fees, over rolling three year periods, by investing mainly in Australian (primarily outside the S&P/ASX 100 Accumulation Index) and New Zealand securities.


About the Fund

The Fund utilises Aberdeen’s proven investment philosophy and approach to invest primarily in a concentrated portfolio of mainly Australian (primarily outside of the S&P/ASX 100 Accumulation Index) and New Zealand listed companies that have the potential for capital growth and increased earning potential.

Our equity managers seek to identify and invest in good quality Australian and New Zealand listed securities.

Quality is chiefly an evaluation of a company’s management, balance sheet and business model.

Only those companies which pass our rigorous quality screen are assessed for value. We see risk in terms of investing in a poor quality company, or overpaying for a good one, and do not view risk in benchmark relative terms.

We therefore downplay benchmarks in portfolio construction since these provide little indication of future performance. We are comfortable not holding companies if they do not satisfy our disciplined quality and valuation criteria, regardless of their benchmark weight. We never invest in a company without first meeting the management.


Fund Highlights

The Fund aims to deliver the following benefits:

  • Low turnover due to our ‘buy and hold’ approach - average holding period of around five years
  • Significant divergence from the benchmark
  • Long-term performance returns that exceed the benchmark
  • Low cash allocation (as the aim is to be fully invested in securities)



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